From the city, to construction crews -- there are some final preparations under way for next week's Fix 50 project.

As we head toward Tuesday, stripes are being added to some downtown streets to create temporary lanes, signage is going up with detours, and new cameras are being switched on.

It's all part of the $1.5 million being spent to help ease traffic backups.

"Throughout our entire grid, we're going to see surface streets being impacted," Public Works Director Jerry Way said. 

Way says 16 police officers will be added to traffic control. And in the city's traffic center, staffers will be watching and changing the timing of traffic lights, Sacramento Police Officer Doug Morse said.

The project's contractor, C.C. Myers, has been working out how to shift crews from other jobs sites to get things done as quickly as possible.

He finished 2008's I-5 project ahead of schedule.