Fire crews rescued several people and animals early this morning when an apartment complex caught fire. 

The fire broke out at the Autumn Ridge Apartment Complex sometime after 2 a.m. in Citrus Heights.

When fire crews reached the scene, they saw people trapped on the second floor because the stairways were blocked by fire. 

"They couldn't get out their normal access, so crews went into rescue mode, where they were putting ladders up, they were helping people out of windows, they were doing everything possible to get people out and find out where the victims were trapped," Michelle Eidam with Sac Metro Fire said.; 

Eidam says seven out of eight apartment units caught fire.

Firefighters were also able to save several pets inside.

"We were able to save multiple cats, there was also a dog that was rescued from one of the units, and a hamster. They all seem to be doing just fine," she said. 

Two people and a firefighter were injured and taken to an area hospital.

The fire has been put out and investigators are trying to determine how the fire started.