Stockton Fire
Photo courtesy of Dwayne Spray

A historic abandoned hotel in Stockton went up in flames after a fire started yesterday afternoon.

The trash and debris left inside made the fire grow much faster. 

The Earle Hotel had been abandoned for years and since it closed, transients have made it a place to sleep.

Chief Dan Rievere with the Stockton Fire Department told News10 he says firefighters were able to get a look inside the building before it grew out of control, and they saw a lot of trash and debris. 

"Some of it was things that had been moved in by vagrants, some of it was just remnants from when the building was vacated," Rievere said. 

Firefighters worked throughout the night putting out hotspots.

The historic building was built in 1914, but was shut down by the city in 2001 over hundreds of code violations.

No word yet as to what caused the fire.