First 5 California is launching a new media campaign urging parents and caregivers to talk, read and sing to babies and toddlers.  

The campaign follows research showing the importance of early brain development for kids from the time they're born to just a few years of age.

"To help parents understand the incredible impact they can have on their kids' lives by exercising the children's brains in the first three years of life," First 5 California Children and Families Commission Chairman George Halvorson said. 

Halvorson says a child's first three years are most important.

"If you exercise the children's brains, by interacting with the children in a number of ways in those first years, the brains are stronger, they're more capable, and the kids are more likely to succeed," he said. 

First 5 California was established after voters passed Proposition 10 in November of 1998.  

Prop 10 added a tax on tobacco products to fund education, health, childcare and other services for the youngest children.