Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, co-chair of the Assembly Ethics Committee, will be introducing five of seven of her “Political Conduct, Ethics & Public Trust Acts of 2014” bills on Tuesday.

"...with the dark storm of scandal surrounding the state capitol, I hope my colleagues will join me in my efforts to respond and start rebuilding the public’s trust in this institution,” she said. 

The bills include:

1. (AB 1673) - Eliminating Influence Peddling: prevent lobbyists from hosting political fundraisers at their homes.

2. (AB 1666) - Penalties & Bribes: would double the existing restitution amounts and prohibit the use of campaign funds to pay a restitution fine under this section.

3. (AB 1692) - Personal Use of Campaign Funds: to prevent campaign funds from being used to pay for fines that resulted in abuse of the personal use of campaign funds laws.