Highway 50 is almost fixed. The westbound lanes of the W-X will be opening up tomorrow -- six days early.

"Oh yeah, we're ahead of schedule. We always are," Contractor C.C. Myers said. 

Myers has built quite a reputation over the years for big projects that finish fast.

Starting tonight, crews will begin the process of moving traffic back to normal and re-opening lanes and ramps. The change over will begin at about 9 tonight and take all night.

The finishing steps include sealing and re-striping the inside lanes of westbound Highway 50 and removing barriers. 


The full transition should be complete by 8 a.m. Thursday morning.


The quick finish means a bonus of $3 million. 

This was a big job, with 100 Myers and Sons workers on deck.

"Running around the clock, and then that don't count the subs and all them people," he said. 

Non-traffic interfering night and weekend work will continue throughout the year. This work includes occasional lane closures for permanent striping, continued seismic retrofitting of the columns underneath the viaduct, and lighting and fencing installation in the parking lots beneath the project area.

Final completion is expected in December 2014.