One week down...a couple months to go.

Work continues on the Fix 50 project, and it's so far, so good. 

Right now construction crews at the beginning of a concrete pouring process for the three eastbound lanes that are closed.

Temperatures that have warmed into the 90's have thrown a bit of a curve ball, but they're set up a watering system to make sure it cures without cracking.

Some of that water is making it into open lanes. 'So that's why it's also helpful that we drop the speed limit to 55 mph in the work zone,' says spokesman Dennis Keaton.

He says freeway signs will also soon be changed out so you can expect some cranes hanging overhead and maybe a few traffic breaks.

If you drive at night you may have also noticed some basic work -- scraping and drilling -- has already started on the Westbound side of the W-X.