The City of Sacramento has beefed up what it calls the TOC -- the Traffic Operations Center.

Money from Caltrans has helped to add staff and new, giant video screens that can monitor more than 400 of the 800 traffic signals in the city and look in live on more than 90 of them.

We've told you how signal light times are being changed to help with congestion -- this is where they do it.

"It's a balance but sometimes, yes, we are just adding some green time in some directions, taking away from others. Everything is bounded by requirements that make it difficult," says Engineer Ryan Balacci.

He has to contend with trains, and sometimes help coordinate emergency response -- first aid and police dispatchers are on hand, too.

"We have a direct line of communication to officers in the field," says Sac Police Department's Doug Morse.

Morse says every day here is good training for Phase 2 of the project, which may be worse.

Photos: Sac Traffic Operations Center

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