While there were no major issues to report on the first day of the Fix 50 Project yesterday, construction on the W-X portion of the freeway is having an effect on those who work in the area.

Harpeet is employed by the Bank of America on Broadway.

"It affects me big time because I have to take the 34th Street exit for my work, and it's very, very bad," she said. 

So, she's adjusting her daily route and spending an extra 25 minutes in traffic.

"I have to take a downtown route in the morning and coming back in the evening also," she said. 

Jeff Byrd writes for the Sacramento Business Journal. His office on X Street is just off the highway from the construction zone.  

He took an alternate route to work Tuesday and still ended up spending an extra 15 minutes in traffic. Even so, he's taking the project in stride. 

"I think it needs to be done. I think it's a first-world problem we're just going to have to deal with," he said.