The creator of the gaming app "Flappy Bird" is speaking out for the first time since pulling his game from circulation Sunday.  

Dong Nguyen tells the "Wall Street Journal" that he wanted to create a game that people played for a few minutes, not for hours at a time.  

Dong said that he also wanted his life to return to normal following the immense popularity of the game, saying he couldn't walk down the street in Hanoi without being pestered.  

He does have more games in development, and Dong says the success of "Flappy Bird" has given him freedom and confidence to keep creating more gaming apps.

Prices are going through the roof for iPhones that have the Flappy Bird app installed.  

People who have loaded the app on their phones are selling them on eBay.  

There are several iPhones listed online with prices well into the thousands of dollars.  
Most have been pulling in quite a few bids.