State health officials are declaring the flu is now widespread in the state, with Sacramento being hit the hardest.  As of Friday there were five influenza deaths in Sacramento County.  All of the Sacramento people who died had the H1N1 strain of the flu.  Health officials are warning everyone six-months and older to get a flu vaccination.

This being the time of year for getting viruses, it's sometimes tough to pinpoint what's making you feel under the weather.  Dr. Susan Rehm says influenza has some very distinct characteristics that can be treated,

"If you feel like you're getting symptoms of the flu, you should contact your healthcare professional as soon as you can.  You might be candidate to take prescription anti-viral medication which specifically works against the flu."

Rhem says prescription anti-viral medications work best if started within the first 48 hours of getting flu symptoms.  She says an easy way to tell if you have flu is by spelling out the word "facts."

"F" is for fever,

"A" for aches,

"C" for chills,

"T" is tiredness, and

"S" is for sudden onset.