The Fourth of July Holiday weekend is almost upon us... and that means parades, fireworks and FOOD!  

There will be lots of barbecuing and grilling this weekend, and if you have a favorite recipe, you might want send it to Food Network star Sunny Anderson.

She's working on a cookbook that's centered on military veterans.

"It's actually a website that you can go to right now,, and the reason it's a website, and it's not even published yet, is because we need the recipes," Anderson said. 

Anderson's also looking for stories about veterans.

"In addition to the people who submit recipes, we'd love if you have a story about a military member, or a veteran, or someone in the military that's inspired you," she said.

Just send your stories, and your recipes to grilling for heroes dot com.

When ultimately published, money from the cookbook will go to help military vets.