Someone is playing a cruel game with the emotions of a grieving Foresthill family. 

The Magorian family would like to memorialize Karen Magorian with a roadside cross at the site of the crash that took her life on Feb. 1.  

She was driving to her home on Foresthill Road with her 10-year-old granddaughter, and the driver of the truck that hit her was arrested for DUI.  

Someone, though keeps taking down the crosses, three so far. Magorian's daughter, Melissa, tells News10 it's senseless.

"The day that my mom was taken from us, a part of us was taken with her. And every time her cross is taken, it's opening that wound," she said.  

One of the crosses was actually made by Karen Magorian's granddaughter who survived the crash.  

Melissa Magorian says her family would like to grieve in peace.