The former Cal Fire Battalion Chief wanted for killing his girlfriend in South Sacramento has been captured.  

After a state-wide manhunt, it turns out 55-year old Orville Fleming never left Sacramento.  Sergeant Lisa Bowman says he was found just hours ago and has been taken into custody. 

"We are still fielding information from the details of the arrest but they're likely conducting the interview and will conclude with the booking process," she explained.

While Sergeant Bowman was unable to provide FURTHER details, KFBK has learned from a credible source that Fleming was found discheveled and hadn't eaten in a couple of days.  He'd apparently been making late-night food runs to a local McDonalds and his credit cards were maxed out.  We're told that, now in custody, he's "singing like a canary."     

Cal Fire Spokesman Daniel Berlant issued a statement saying:

"We are pleased that this search is over and the Sheriff's Office has apprehended Mr. Fleming. We will continue to support the Sheriff and the District Attorney in any way we can as the judicial process continues."

Court documents are revealing the events that led up to the murder. They show that Douglas spent the evening with her sister Stephanie and her mother before they dropped her off at her home. Soon after, Douglas called her sister and told her that Fleming had left the gas on. Douglas' sister says that she then heard her sister get startled and exclaimed “Whoa, you scared me.” A man's voice was then heard the background. That was followed by arguing, a scream from Douglas and the phone line going dead.