Today is a day of mourning for the Fort Hood community following a deadly shooting rampage on the sprawling Texas base. 

A senior officer says the shooter had been getting help for depression and anxiety before he opened fire on fellow soldiers yesterday and eventually killed himself.

Investigators say they'll search his home and computers and interview his widow. They also want to talk to witnesses about whether there was a fight or argument on the base before the attack.  

The shooter has been identified as Ivan Lopez. 

Wednesday's incident resulted in four deaths, including the shooter.

"It is believed that he walked into one of the unit buildings opened fire, got into a vehicle, fired from a vehicle, got out of the vehicle, walked into a building and opened fire again," Lieutenant General Mark Milley said last night at a Fort Hood press conference. 

Then he reportedly turned the gun on himself after coming face to face with a military policewoman.

Three military members were killed and 16 were sent to the hospital.  

Flashbacks to the 2009 Shooting 

One of the victims of the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood is angry that yet another tragedy has taken place.

"Everyone, the powers that be through the military and also through our government, came up with all these grandiose ideas what they was gonna do to try to fix the problem so it doesn't happen. Well, looking back on the event that happened last night, it sounded good but nothing ever happened," Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford said. 

Lunsford was shot seven times in the 2009 rampage. 

Thirteen people were killed and 30 injured in the 2009 incident. 

Getting to the bottom of the shooting 

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel promises to get to the bottom of the shooting.

"When we have these kinds of tragedies on our bases, something's not working. So, we'll identify it, we'll get the facts, and we'll fix it," Hagel said. 

He spoke from Hawaii yesterday as the U.S. hosts the Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting.

The Suspected Shooter's Family

A neighbor of the suspected gunman says she tried to console his wife.

"We were all outside talking about it and I saw her come out of her apartment, and she seemed to be worried and she was crying and she had a little girl with her," Xanderia Morris said. 

Morris says the suspect was a nice guy who always said hello.

"He always smiled and waved, and that's about it. Typical, average family, they were always coming and going. You know, they'd smile whenever they'd see someone and that was it," she said. 

The Fort Hood commander says Army Specialist Ivan Lopez was under treatment for psychological problems when he opened fire yesterday, killing three soldiers and wounding 16 others before turning the gun on himself. General Mark Milley.

"We have very strong evidence that he had a medical history that indicates unstable psychiatric or psychological condition," said General Mark Milley.

However, General Milley refused to disclose any more details on Lopez's mental health issues. The general said last night Lopez, who served in Iraq for four months, was being treated for PTSD but had not yet been diagnosed.  

A memorial for the victims will be held early next week.

President Obama spoke about the shootings at Fort Hood at a White House event for the U.S. Olympic teams.

"We join that entire community in honoring those who lost their lives.  Everyone single one of them was an American Patriot.  We stand with their families and their loved ones as they grieve.  We are thinking about those who are wounded, we're there to support them," said the President.

It was the second shooting at Fort Hood. In 2009, gunman Nidal Hassan opened fire and killed 13. President Obama gave the eulogy at Fort Hood for that incident.