The Foster Farms company is downplaying concerns about a salmonella outbreak linked to the Central Valley which reportedly is still making people sick.  

So far, there's been no recall of Foster Farms chicken, and it's been over a year that salmonella cases have been attributed to a Foster Farms processing plant in the Fresno area.  

Company officials don't appear ready to accept full responsibility for the well over 500 people sickened.  

In fact, as the Agriculture Department monitors the facility, company officials and government inspectors say measured rates of salmonella in the company's products have been going down since the outbreak began early last year.  

Foster Farms is also saying it's not uncommon for the rate of salmonella cases to go up this time of year due to hotter weather.

Foster Farms was allowed to keep the plant in operation after a brief shutdown to clean up problems with a cockroach infestation.