A homeless man who was beaten in a Roseville Park in August has died from his injuries.

Roseville Police say several homeless and needy people had gathered in Saugstad Park on April 24 waiting for a regularly scheduled free breakfast when a fight broke out.

Officers arrived to find 35-year-old Josef Graven unconscious on the ground with severe injuries from a beating.

Four suspects were arrested, and are still being held at the Placer County Jail without bail on attempted murder and conspiracy charges.

The Placer County DA's office has been notified of Graven's death, and plan to file new charges against the suspects.

Matthew Alfonso, Photo courtesy of Roseville PD

Joseph Alan Smith, Photo courtesy of Roseville PD

Charles Waldecker, Photo courtesy of Roseville PD

Ninah Tyneil Winnie, Photo courtesy of Roseville PD