Family attorney Christopher Dolan is accusing an Oakland hospital of putting up roadblocks in the treatment of a legally brain dead girl,

"If they think Jahi is dead, why do they need to talk to anybody?  If Jahi is dead, give us Jahi, let her go" Dolan said.

13-year-old Jahi McMath was declared brain dead due to complications from a tonsillectomy at Oakland's Children's Hospital on December 9th.  Doctors at the hospital planned to remove the girl from life support Monday evening but a judge extended her life support until January 7th.

Meanwhile, a California neuroscientist is offering to help the family.  Neurovigil founder Philip Low says the McMath family can use his iBrain, the world's first mobile brain scanner designed to map brain wave patterns that can be matched up to various thoughts.  

The family claims a New York facility has agreed to admit their daughter, and Low says he will offer to send a team to New York to perform tests.