Are you ready for some traffic backups? We're just five days away from Fixing 50.

We'll be running stories on detours and impacts each day until the work begins and keep you updated with traffic reports when it does.

Next Tuesday Caltrans will start major repairs on the section of Highway 50 known as the W-X.

It runs parallel to those streets downtown, between 16th and 24th. This will be the beginning of a three-month, $46 million project.

"The deck needs to be replaces," Spokesman Dennis Keaton said. 

Keaton says it's cracked -- this is not cosmetic.

Phase one of what's been dubbed "Fix 50" starts on the eastbound side and three lanes will be closed until crews switch to the westbound side in May.

Officials say they're not expecting "Carmageddon" but the work could add an hour onto your commute.

"We average around 200,000 vehicles a day for both the east- and westbound," he said. 

Repairs will take place 24/7.

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