Are you worried about crooks scoping out your house on Google Maps? There's now a way to fix that.

In response to worried homeowners, Google now has an option for people to keep their houses private from browsers.

"The home itself lends itself to some vulnerability, by all means, blurring that can be an asset," Former Sacramento sheriff and KFBK talk show host John McGinness said. 

McGinness says this can go beyond protecting your property.

"Perhaps even the presence of small children, for somebody's who's bent on committing a crime against a child, taking a child from its parents," McGinness said. 

Google Earth automatically blurs faces and license plates. Users can now also set the map so that it blurs their home as well.

Instructions for blurring your home on Google Maps: 

1. Look up your address on Google Maps.
2. If you are not on Google Earth yet, switch to the satellite view by clicking on the option in the bottom left corner. 
3. See the little orange guy in the bottom right corner? Drag and drop him so that he is standing in front of your home.
4. Adjust the view so that you are looking at the front of your house. 
5. In the bottom right corner, click "Report a problem."
6. Google will walk you through how you can blur vulnerable areas of your home.