Governor Jerry Brown is planning to address immigration and environmental concerns with government and business leaders during his three-day trip to Mexico. 

Brown says California is willing to do its part when it comes to the border crisis, and he plans to discuss the issue with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

This is the first day of Brown's three day trip.

Brown is on a trade mission aimed at increasing direct investments in California, promoting university exchanges and forming environmental partnerships to combat climate change. 

The discussions on border relations comes as a surge of unaccompanied illegal immigrants -- mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala -- have crossed the U.S. border since October.

Brown says long-term solutions such as trade and cultural exchanges are needed to improve the safety and economic well-being of Mexico and Central American countries.

On Wednesday, the governor plans to wrap up his trip by signing a trade agreement with Mexico, which is California's largest export market.