The Flu has not taken the life of Lesley Bunning -- not yet -- the Granite Bay woman is making a recovery. 

Lesley Bunning is making a slow recovery from the H1N1 flu, and her recovery is nothing short of miraculous.  

Bunning was taken off life support and placed back on a ventilator, in the hopes it would keep her from having brain damage.  Bunning's daughter Allison Perrins told News10 she was worried her mother would die.  

"Last week we weren't sure if we were going to have her with us much longer," Perrins said. 

Now she is slowly beginning to respond.  

Her family says the signs of recovery are visible. Bunning can wiggle her toes and answer questions by blinking her eyes. 

Daughter Tamara Alsberge says her mom's recovery is underway.  Bunning had been in a coma since Jan. 6, when, in the grips of the H1N1 flu, her internal organs had begun to shut down.  

Now there is hope.