Sacramento County health officials say a local high school student has been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

That student from Grant Union High is currently undergoing care and letters are going out to parents of students who may have been exposed.

Dr. Olivia Kasirye is the county's public health officer.

"TB is usually passed on from one person to another through the air, either when someone is coughing, laughing, singing or sneezing," she said. 

It's rare, we see about 70 cases a year locally.

The bacteria can lie dormant before becoming active -- like in this case -- so there's no telling where the student caught it.

Kasirye says they'll test classmates, but aren't anticipating anyone else has contracted the disease.

If parents have any concerns or questions, they may call Grant Union High School at 916-566-3450, ext. 65063.

For questions concerning Tuberculosis, please call 916-875-5881.