A touring event aimed at helping young people avoid auto accidents, substance abuse and gang-related activities is coming to Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights this month.

"The 99 Reality Theatre" features Hollywood-style sets and live actors recreating the leading causes of death among young adults.

"Our goal is to help young people make better choices by seeing the end result of poor choices," Director Terry Henshaw said. 

Henshaw says the project isn't based on fear or scare tactics, but achieves its goal by presenting real-life situations.

"There's a car wreck scene where a group of kids who have been texting hit a family, and so it's like you walk right up on this accident," he said. 

The dangers of drugs, alcohol and domestic violence will also be addressed in the nationally-touring production, which opens in Sacramento next Friday for a four-weekend run.  

Because of its graphic nature, no one younger than 12 will be admitted.

More information on what's being called "The Ultimate Near-Death Experience" is available, here.