Houston is home to the nation's worst road ragers.

"...and then the most likely to see another driver cutting someone off.  They're the most likely to slam on their breaks, they're up around 2/3 more than the national average," said Rob DiPietro. 

DiPietro, who's AutoVantage's Vice President, says the Texas city is at the top of a new AutoVantage survey of cities with angry drivers. They're also the most likely to admit talking on their phones while driving.  So, how about the city with the most courteous drivers?

"We have Portland beingthe top city, they were the top city the last time we did the survey in 2009.  We have Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Charlotte, who is a new addition," he said.

By the way, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, DC and Boston were also on the top five of cities with the most road rage.