High school students were back in school across Sacramento today and, in light of the tuberculosis cases confirmed at Grant Union High School earlier this summer, Sacramento Health Department officials will be offering TB screenings for returning students.

Tests will be provided for students, teachers and staff members who have yet to be screened.

Dr. Olivia Kasirye says the screenings will be held August 22.

"We have two groups. The first group are any students that may have been in the classroom where our index case was. And then we are also opening it up to any other students and staff in the school who may be interested in getting tested," she said. 

Sacramento County's Public Health officer says the four students who were earlier diagnosed with "active TB" are on treatment and are NOT contagious.  

Those with the latent form of tuberculosis are also on treatment to prevent future active disease.  

Kasirye says they're not contagious either.