A nine-year-old born without fingers is getting a helping hand from an Illinois high school class.

Kyle Wicker is getting a new prosthetic hand from the engineering class at Boylan High School in Rockford.

Mikey Rodriguez is one of the students involved in the project. 'The 3-D printer is new this year, it's been really cool. So one day, our teacher comes up and he says hey we have a project for you guys. Do you wanna build a hand for a little girl? And we were just all so ecstatic, it's pretty awesome, ' Rodriguez says. 

The class was approached by Kylie's dad, who read that 3-D printing technology could make plastic fingers that could help his daughter grab a drink or ride her bike.

A normal prosthetic usually costs 50-thousand dollars - while the 3-D printed plastic hand costs around FIVE dollars.