Homeowners in Roseville are upset about stadium lights they say were installed without community input.

It started when the Roseville School Board approved six light poles to illuminate the soccer field at Eich Middle School.  Those lights have been on several nights a week since GT Soccer started in October.

"The lights are shining into our homes, and it only got increasingly worse as the season progressed and the leaves fell off the trees," said Eric Welty.

Welty, who lives near the field, claims efforts to discuss the matter went nowhere.

"We pulled a little basic petition together and said, you know, we're against these lights, we got some of the neighbors to sign it, we took it to the school board, and they said well we've already made our decision.  We're not going to make this an agenda item," he said.

So now, the homeowners are suing the district.

"What other choice do we have?" asked Welty.

In a written statement, Roseville Superintendent Richard Pierucci says the district believes it has complied with all legal requirements and has worked with neighbors to address any concerns.  It goes on to say "The Welty's have been unwilling to work with the District to address their concerns short of their demand that the lights be removed or kept off."