There's a strange takeaway from the election.

Federal indictments and a senate suspension didn't keep a large number of people from voting for disgraced California Senator Leland Yee in the primary.

Yee's numbers put him in third place in the Secretary of State's race.  

Even though he quit the race after being indicted on federal corruption charges, he managed to finish ahead of five other candidates, including Dan Schnur, who's a political consultant and former member of the California Fair Political Practices Commission.  

So, how did that happen? He believes it was the fault of the media.

"If you were a Californian that didn't happen to be paying very close attention the week of the Yee arrest, the odds of you knowing about it were actually relatively slim," Schnur said. 

Still, Schnur believes voters are tired of corrupt politicians and his campaign brought attention to the need to clean up state government.