We're getting down to the wire. Construction crews are set to begin work on the Fix 50 project tonight, despite any rain we may see.

"Unless it's a serious torrential downpour or major storm, we're still gonna go forward with the plans," Caltrans Spokesman Dennis Keaton said. 

Keaton says that eastbound lane reductions on Highway 50 -- between W and X streets -- will begin around 9 or 10 p.m.

"The actual in-time, full closure where we're only gonna have two and three lanes open at the most won't be completed until about midnight," Keaton said. 

And lanes will remain closed 24/7 until Westbound construction starts in mid-May. Keaton is warning drivers to prepare for delays of up to an hour during weekeday commutes.

So, have you done your homework on just how to get around?

Caltrans isn't recommending specific detours because everyone will just clog them up, but says bottom line just avoid the W-X altogether.

If you're trying to get from Elk Grove to Folsom, take Highway 99 North instead of I-5.

If you're heading into the city from Davis, take I-80 towards Reno, then come back down I-5 South.

Potential problem areas will include most of Highway 99 as people switch over from I-5, main streets through Land Park and even the Tower Bridge.

Remember, Regional Tranist will have longer light rail cars, and speaking of trains, Amtrak's Capitol Corridor stops in Davis, Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin.

Alternate Routes 

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