Just how effective will the Affordable Care Act be? A national non-profit organization is launching a multi-year project to get a first-hand answer.

The project will follow 2,000 random Californians over the next two years to see what's really happening to the uninsured.

"What's working for them, what's not working for them. How is it helping them or not helping them. And how are they accessing and getting the health care services you need," Molly Ann Brodie with the Kaiser Family Foundation said.

Brodie says the Kaiser Family Foundation chose California for the study because the state has one of the largest shares of uninsured Americans.

"In addition it has a diverse uninsured population. And it is also a state that is really forefront of making plans and aggressively trying to implement the Affordable Care Act," Brodie said.

The results will be made public to make sure the uninsured have a voice in the judgment of health care reform.