SACRAMENTO -- If the government does shut down, what happens to the local housing market? One pair of real-estate agents aren't overly concerned.

Elizabeth Weintraub has worked in real estate for 39 years... the last 11 in Sacramento. She doesn't think the shutdown will have much of an effect on the market... which isn't directly affected by what goes on at the federal level:

"There might be some buyers who are obtaining FHA Loans who might have some interruption in their funding," Weintraub said. 

Realtor's Association President Chris Little agrees, saying about 20 percent of the local market is in FHA loans.

"About one-fifth of our home sales may be affected in some form or fashion..." Little said. 

Weintraub adds that any effect will likely be small and relatively short-lived.

Government services will be affected

The potential of a government shutdown does have a local economic professor assessing the ramifications, but not worrying.

Dr. Suzanne O'Keefe of Sacramento State University believes any shutdown would be short-lived, but it would have noticable effects.

"People who are employed directly by the federal government might see a furlough over the time period," she said.

That could affect more than 13,000 area workers. And they're not the only ones.

"Those of us who are going to the federal government for assistance or services, or to get a Visa or have paperwork processed, might have challenges getting in touch with the agencies that provide those services," O'Keefe said. 

Even so, Dr. O'Keefe believes a short-shutdown would have a relatively small overall impact on the Sacramento region.