Hundreds of crime victims and family and friends of those lost to violence descended on the State Capitol today.

'It is the one group - if you think about it - that you never seek to join,' says Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

Gatto spoke at the annual march for victim's rights. His father was killed in a home invasion last year.

This woman's daughter was strangled and stabbed outside her apartment, 'And I think about the last moments because she was never in a confrontation her entire life - until that night.' Her photo was one of dozens that lined the sidewalk.

Governor Brown spoke to the crowd and praised the visible reminders to lawmakers. 'Then it isn't abstract, it's very real - it's very individual,' Brown says. 

He later told reporters that prison realignment is working and that he's heard success stories from law enforcement in ten counties. He says overcrowding will continue to be an issue.

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