About 100 homes are being threatened by a wildfire that is quickly spreading through the Hunters Valley area in Marisposa County. 

The Hunters Fire originally broke out as a structure fire near Lake McClure and it spread fast when it mixed with some brush.

The fire has burned some 1300 acres and is only 20 percent contained.

Daniel Berlant with Cal Fire says there were some mandatory evacuations ordered.

"Yesterday afternoon the Mariposa County sheriffs did evacuate about 100 residents from that area. That's a pretty rural part of California, just east of Lake McClure, those homes were evacuated as a precaution," Berlant said. 

Those people were taken to a shelter set up by the Red Cross.

At least 100 firefighters are battling the blaze. 

Berlant says this year's fire conditions are not looking good. 

"With how dry it is, it is not taking much for a fire to spark. In fact, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of wildfires. And even though we're only now in the end of May, we're seeing activity that we would typically see in summer," Berlant said. 

So this is a reminder for us in the Sacramento area: Brush fire conditions are high and people should have a fire plan.