Think you have a good idea to reduce government waste? A California legislator thinks that could be worth some money -- $25,000 to be exact.  

This idea is from Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who believes there are thinkers out there who could improve the system in some aspect.

"We have so many innovators in California, yet we still have a government that's too insular," he said. 

AB 2138 would create something called the California Government X-Prize, which he hopes would attract creative people who may not normally work to solve government problems.

"This opens up government to any innovator with an idea, but it does it inexpensively. The modest prize amount is not the draw, it really is the renown and the fame that would cause, you know, for example, a computer geek to solve a problem for the state government," he said. 

The bill would authorize the governor to select three state agencies that would offer the prize.