An investigation by the Elk Grove Police leads to a big pot bust.  Just how big?

Officer Chris Trimm says 19 people were arrested today after an investigation that lasted several months.  The seizure size matched the number of folks detained.

"Approximately 6,000 marijuana plants, and over 180lb of processed marijuana" said Trimm, along with over $70,000 in U-S currency were seized.

"This was 20 homes," he said, seven in Elk Grove, the remainder were in Sacramento City and the county.

Trimm says there was a twist in this seizure,

"We actually took nine kids into protective custody because of the conditions that were present in these homes," he revealed, and those children ranged in age from one to 15.

The conditions in the homes included poor wiring electrical issues along with dangerous pesticides and fertilizers.

PHOTOS: Mugshots for the 19 people arrested in the bust

The warrant service took place at the following locations:
1)         8600 block of Tegea Way (Elk Grove)
2)         8500 block of Madeira Ct. (Elk Grove)
3)         8600 block of Golden Sage Dr. (Elk Grove)
4)         8600 block of Mystras Circle (Elk Grove)
5)         8500 block of Zinnia Way. (Elk Grove)
6)         8700 block of Owlet Ct. (Elk Grove)
7)         8600 block of Jenrose Way (Elk Grove)
8)         8100 block of Moorhaven Way (Sacramento)
9)         7700 block of 40th Ave. (Sacramento)
10)       8200 block of Summer Falls Circle (Sacramento)
11)       7800 block of Western Port Way (Sacramento)
12)       7200 block of Hayward Dr. (Sacramento)
13)       5700 block of Wilkinson St. (Sacramento)
14)       8000 block of Maybelline Way (Sacramento)
15)       7600 block of McFergus Ct. (Sacramento)
16)       8500 block of Traynor Way. (Sacramento)
17)       8200 block of Aden Way (Sacramento)
18)       8100 block of Orange Cove Ct. (Sacramento)                                  
19)       7700 block of McMullen Way (Sacramento)                                   
20)       8200 block of White Sands Way (Sacramento)