An investigation going at the State Capitol in Sacramento revolves around charges of nepotism. 

The talk about nepotism at the Capitol centers on a letter received by Senator Mark DeSaulnier alleging administrators for the California Senate are putting family and friends into secure senate jobs.

Last month accusations of nepotism came up when Sgt. of Arms Gerardo Lopez tested positive for cocaine and marijuana following a fatal off-duty shooting at his home in Sacramento.  

A 15-year employee at the Senate, Lopez was eventually fired, but not until a published report came out on his drug history.  

News10 also says some critics say Lopez was protected because his mother, Dina Hidalgo.  

She's the head of human resources for the senate, with at least five family members working at the Capitol.

Lawmakers are being tight-lipped about the investigation, which reportedly has cost taxpayers over $40,000.