Some people who live in Citrus Heights were awakened early this morning to the sound of explosions.

They were set off intentionally by the Sheriff's Department after explosive materials were found inside a house. 

"We had a series of three detonations that took place in a controlled manner," Citrus Heights Police Officer Wesley Herman said. 

Herman says the Sheriff's Department's Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team successfully and safely destroyed the dangerous material. 

Metro Fire was called to a home on the 7000 block of Peachtree Avenue last night around 6 p.m. for reports of a kitchen fire.

But, when they got there, the fire was already out. 

"They saw some material that they believed could be potentially explosive," Herman said. 

Neighbors were told they could either stay inside their homes or evacuate to a shelter set up by police.

The controlled detonations were set off about 2 a.m. No one was hurt.

Police arrested 25-year-old Cale Crace.

No word yet as to why he allegedly had explosive materials inside his home.