A ruling striking down Yolo County's concealed-carry permit laws could have statewide implications.

The ruling by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals calls Yolo County's regulations for getting a concealed weapons license a violation of the second amendment right to bear arms.  

Craig Deluz with Calguns brought the suit against Yolo and Sacramento counties.  

He tells News10 the ruling was overly vague and an arbitrary meaning of "good cause." 

"They were turned down for arbitrary reasons simply because they could not show 'good cause,' even though there were no guidelines to determine what 'good cause' meant," Deluz said. 

The suit against Sacramento County was dismissed after the county changed to a less restrictive policy.  

The Ninth Circuit ruling reversed a 2011 decision by a Sacramento federal judge.  

The ruling by the Appeals Court could affect concealed weapons permitting regulations across the state.