California's dry weather conditions are being blamed for everything from low water levels to high fire danger, and now it's official:

2013 was California's driest year on record.

NOAA Weather Meterologist Eric Kurth said the lack of rain was evident throughout the state including Sacramento:

"We received 6.12 inches."

That's about 1/3 of normal.  Kurth added that's it's because of a very strong ridge of high pressure over the Pacific Ocean, and...

"...high pressure ridging tends to steer storms to the North, so there's a similar number of storms and moisture to be had, they're just not coming to California."

Kurth did offer a sliver of hope.  Dry Januarys of the past have turned into wet springs by April.  This year, however, it'll take a pretty strong low pressure system to break the pattern.

Drought map of California