A judge has ruled that a city councilman must testify in a lawsuit that claims the city made secret deals to help keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Attorney Patrick Soluri says Councilman Kevin McCarty has made statements off the record regarding the city's involvement with keeping the Kings in Sacramento. 

"Councilman McCarty has already given us some information, he just hasn't done so under oath," said Soluri.

Soluri represents STOP, or Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork.  He also said McCarty promised the new Kings owners city assets, like parking spaces, and billboards.

"It was a secret back room deal between certain city officials and the Kings investor group, to subsidize the purchase of the Kings franchise separate from the arena," Soluri said.

When reached for comment, McCarty responded to KFBK via email, saying:

"On the City Council I have consistently asked tough questions about the public financing of the arena.  I certainly have no problem answering tough questions during these legal proceedings.  The City Treasurer has answered my questions, the public will pay out $22 million per year for 35 years and will get back $2.7 million per year during those same years."
-Kevin McCarty