Sean Aquitania's family gather after hearing guilty verdict on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Photo/News10

Two men were found guilty today in a crime that shocked Sacramento -- the shooting deaths of a young father and his infant son.

A Sacramento Superior Court jury convicted the two men of first-degree murder in the 2007 shooting of Sean Aquitania, 21; and his 7-month-old son, Sean Aquitania Jr.

The accused gunmen, Donald Ortez-Lucero, 29, and Christopher Strong, 30, are facing life in prison without parole.

According to testimony at trial, Ortez-Lucero and Strong were about to rob a house on Country Greens Court in Sacramento when Aquitania drove up to visit a friend with the baby strapped into a carseat in the back seat.

When Ortez-Lucero pistol-whipped Aquitania in front of the house, his handgun discharged and the bullet struck the infant in the head.

This is new evidence that came out at trial.

It was widely believed and reported by law enforcement at the time that the infant was deliberately shot in the head execution style -- outraging the community.

The shooting scenario was even re-enacted on "America's Most Wanted."

The case remained unsolved for four years until the defendants' friend came forward with information.

Three men were originally suspected in the crime, but the district attorney later dropped charges against Richard Noguera. 

Ortez-Lucero and Strong face life in prison without the chance for parole.