Thieves are setting their sights on the stuff that makes fries golden brown. 

It's called IKG -- and its street value makes it a target for theft. IKG stands for inedible kitchen grease. And its the base material that biofuels and other "finished grease" lubicants are made from.

Like any other waste comodity that can be recycled, its worth something.

In the dark of night, clandestine pumper trucks roam back alleys looking for restaurants they might be able to dip their hoses into, and pump out, all their used grease.

A tank of IKG can be worth a lot money from a recycler.

The theft has become so rampant recyclers should only be buying from legitimate companies getting their grease from registered tanks carrying California state stamps.

More laws are now being proposed as grease theft is becoming a hot item to steal.