Mother's Day is, of course, this Sunday.  But if you don't have a gift yet, don't worry, we've got some good news for you:

A new poll by says most of us think our moms might return the gift we pick out for them.  The truth is, however, only about 30% of moms say they've ever returned a gift at some point.

Trae Bodge, the lifestyle editor at retailmenot, says there are three gifts that American moms seem to prefer.

"They would love a trip to the spa, a nice meal out, or a gift card or gift certificate to her favorite store so she can do some shopping herself," she said.

Bodge says the average amount spent on a Mother's Day gift is $68:  

"Our poll always show that people tend to spend more on their moms for Mothers' Day than they do on Fathers' Day, in fact, we've found that about 30%, in fact, are spending more on mom this year," she explained.

Also, men are outspending women $83 to $53.