California has a new law on the books starting July 1 that will tighten the state's childhood vaccination requirements.

The new law was sponsored by state Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan from the Sacramento area.

"The purpose of the law is to restore the community immunity that we have previously enjoyed in the state and also to ensure that our children are safe at school from preventable, but dangerous diseases," Dr.Pan explained.

Christina Hildebrand with A Voice for Choice says opponents will not quit trying to repeal the law.

"Will it be pulled off the books at some point in the future? Absolutely, yes," Hildebrand predicted.

The biggest reason that might happen?

"It does take away the right from children to go to public or private school if they don't have the vaccinations for the 10 diseases, which adds up to about 32 doses of vaccines," Hildebrand said.

Dr. Pan insists that children with medical conditions prohibiting vaccines will be exempt, but not those looking for personal belief exemptions.

There is a large group adamantly opposed to California's new vaccination law. They have created a film known as "Vaxxed" about the concerns they see.

Polly Tommey, one of the producers behind the film, and Dr. Andy Wakefield are speaking out against the law and told the KFBK Morning News why: