The situation in Los Angeles has caused a ripple effect of delays at airports across the country, including Sacramento International Airport. 

That's for flights both to and from LAX, American, Alaska, Delta, Southwest, you name it.

"I'm trying to get to work. I'm supposed to go to Japan tonight," Kay, a flight attendant, said. 

Kay was trying to hitch a ride but couldn't because of a cancellation. Why?

Because L.A. is a major hub, Sac International spokeswoman Laurie Slothower said. There's a ripple effect. Right now we're seeing two departures delayed for more than an hour, three planes sat idle for three hours earlier this morning. Another flight almost made it to Los Angeles.

And then the flight was diverted to Ontario, Slothower said. 

Here at home there was no visible increase in security today or longer lines.