Fix 50's freeway backups won't just affect drivers, the trains may be crowded too.

"If there's a way to actually get involved with light rail, that's your best bet," Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton said. 

Keaton has been recommending Regional Transit as an alternative during construction on Highway 50 and managers say they expect a 15 percent rise in passengers over the next couple of months.

They'll run longer trains and add platform guides to help people figure out how to get to work.

The state will reimburse the cost with the idea that making a switch is a no-brainer.

"It takes you right into the heart of downtown Sacramento," Keaton said. 

The airport is also advising travelers to add extra time to arrive. Officials say to expect hour-long delays during weekday commutes.

The project kicks off with eastbound lane closures Tuesday.

Learn more about light rail and RT options, here. 

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