The 10,000 meter race will be pretty special tonight, with a living legend in the stands.

Billy Mills is the only American to win Olympic gold in the race, doing so 50 years ago, in Japan.

"The truth was, it was 43 seconds faster than I'd ever run before," Mills said. 

The performance is still called one of the greatest upsets of all time. He was trailing, then, with 90 meters to go, a thought:

"I may never be this close again -- I've got to do it now."

I met Mills in his Fair Oaks home today, a shrine to sports and his Native American heritage. He's spent the last 30 years fundraising for reservations.

"You see the need, you see the pain," he said. 

His victory will be celebrated tonight with a community run at Sac State.

He says he's hoping for an American gold in the event in 2016 -- that he's ready to "pass the torch."