A Republican senator is taking the president to court -- and 4th District Congressman Tom McClintock is giving a thumb's up. 

He may not have the votes, but he does have the courts.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has taken the unusual step of suing the President and several administration officials to end what he sees as unconstitutional eavesdropping by the NSA.

Paul's suit is a class action which he says includes every American citizen in possession of a telephone.

During his weekly visit on the KFBK Morning News, McClintock offered his support."

"I think it's about time. God bless him for doing it. The mass collection of phone and internet records by the NSA without any pretense that there is reasonable cause to believe that somebody has committed a crime is a direct violation of the 4th amendment," McClintock said.

McClintock also expressed disappointment with House Speaker John Boehner's greasing the skids for an extension of the nation's borrowing power, but stopped short of saying, as some Republicans have, that the speaker's post is in jeopardy.