A bit of hazing may have always been part of sports culture, but news that a Miami Dolphins player quit his team due to bullying has shined a light on what goes on in lockerooms. 

The controversy between Richie Icognito and Jonathan Martin has sparked a bit of a discussion among players at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento.

Some have heard hazing stories from the past but Coach Max Miller, who has been been coaching for 45 years, now has a zero tolerance policy and his students nope.

"We brought up a sophomore for this last game and we said, 'hey we want to welcome you here,' there wasn't going to be any initiation," Miller said, giving an example of his policy.

He says it's when you don't address it that things get out of hand, like what's alleged between Richie Icognito and Jonathan Martin.  Miller says you've got to level with younger players on terms they understand, especially when they think they're just toughening up others.

Linebacker Conner Schatz said he can see how some players would get an idea about "toughening" others up, but the best way to do that isn't through namecalling but instead on the field, tackling and getting tackled,

"It's easy to cross the line.  There's a difference between toughening somebody up and then just making them feel like they're not worth anything.  I think hitting is what really toughens you up," Schatz said.

He added that if the allegations are true it's just evidence that the professionals don't always get everything right.

Schatz played varsity as a sophmore and said he was welcomed.

That's why he does the same now as a senior.